Arduino pulseIn() With Interrupts

In this tutorial I will show you how to make the Arduino pulseIn() function non blocking, using interrupts. Actually what we’ll try to do is to reproduce the behavior of pulseIn() without using it. I will not explain what is pulseIn() and how it works here, for that please check this pulseIn() tutorial first. The … Read more

Arduino pulseIn() function

The Arduino pulseIn() function may be quite hard to grasp at first. However, this function can be very useful to be able to read data from certain sensors. In this tutorial I will explain what is a pulse, how the pulseIn() function works, and how to use it in your own programs. >> Watch this … Read more

Arduino Variable Types [Complete Guide]

What are the different Arduino variable types? Whether you are a complete Arduino beginner or you already know how to program, this guide will help you discover and all the most useful Arduino variable types. First of all, Arduino is a subset of C/C++, with additional functionalities related to the hardware features of the board. … Read more

Arduino – Turn LED ON and OFF With Button

In this Arduino tutorial I will show you how to turn an LED on and off with a push button. In fact, we’ll do 2 slightly different applications. First, we will power on the LED when the button is pressed, and power off the LED when the button is not pressed. And then we’ll modify … Read more

Arduino INPUT_PULLUP Explained (pinMode)

What is the Arduino INPUT_PULLUP option for the pinMode function? In this tutorial I will show you different examples, using an Arduino board and a simple push button, to explain what INPUT_PULLUP does, and how to use it in your Arduino programs. And… Let’s get started! Quick recap about pinMode With Arduino you can use … Read more

Arduino Delay [Tutorial]

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to properly use the delay() function to add some delay between 2 actions in your Arduino programs. Then, you will discover why using delay() is often not a good idea when you want to make your programs scale, and how to fix that. All right, let’s get started! Why … Read more