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Do you want to learn robot programming and become a robotics developer?

Do you find it hard to encounter well structured online resources to learn robotics?

–> I’m Edouard, and my goal is to help you on your journey to become a robotics developer.

I focus on providing you the right robot programming training so that:

  • You understand what you do,
  • And you can apply it in your current and future robotics projects.

Whether you want to build a robotics developer career, or create some cool robot applications as a side project, there is something for you here.

By joining the Robotics Back-End, you will get a proper training to speed up your learning. I mainly teach about ROS, ROS2, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more topics related to robot programming.

So, what to do now?

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STEP 2: Get the Basics Right – Your Learning Path

If you’re getting started and don’t really know what to do first, then I’ve got you covered.

Check out those complete beginner courses, in which I focus on giving you the right training to make you get started quickly, and be ready to create your own robotics projects.

To go even further you can find all my courses here.

STEP 3: Get More Free Robot Programming Tutorials

After you’re done with the basics, good news for you: I have several hundreds additional free written and video tutorials, to help you on more specific points. Those are great resources to combine with the online courses above.

A few ways to learn more with me: