ROS2 rclcpp Parameter Callback [Tutorial]

In this ROS2 tutorial I will show you how to use an rclcpp parameter callback, so you can dynamically change parameters’ values while a node is alive. With parameters you can already change the configuration of the node at runtime. But after that, any change to any parameter won’t be taken into account. With a … Read more

Arduino Variable Types [Complete Guide]

What are the different Arduino variable types? Whether you are a complete Arduino beginner or you already know how to program, this guide will help you discover and all the most useful Arduino variable types. First of all, Arduino is a subset of C/C++, with additional functionalities related to the hardware features of the board. … Read more

Arduino – Turn LED ON and OFF With Button

In this Arduino tutorial I will show you how to turn an LED on and off with a push button. In fact, we’ll do 2 slightly different applications. First, we will power on the LED when the button is pressed, and power off the LED when the button is not pressed. And then we’ll modify … Read more

How to Learn Python 3 with Raspberry Pi from Scratch

Learning Python 3 with Raspberry Pi is a great idea. You will be able to write programs producing real physical results, while also learning more about computer science in general, system administration, hardware, etc. Programming is not only about smashing code into a text editor. To be able to write great programs you also need … Read more

ROS2 rclpy Parameter Callback [Tutorial]

After starting a ROS2 node with some parameters, you want to be able to dynamically change those parameters and get notified inside your code? Well, the rclpy parameter callback is what you need to use. (if you were using ROS1 before, this is the same as dynamic_reconfigure, but better). In this tutorial I will show … Read more

ROS2 Create Custom Message (Msg/Srv)

In this tutorial you will learn how to create your own ROS2 custom message (Msg). I will also cover how to create custom services (Srv), as the configuration and the process are the same. In ROS2 the word “message” – when talking about the concept – has been replaced by “interface”. So, to create your … Read more