Arduino – How to Get a String from Serial with readString()

In this tutorial I will show you how to use the Arduino readString() function, in order to receive a String (text) from Serial communication. >> Watch this video as an additional resource to this tutorial: After watching the video, subscribe to the Robotics Back-End Youtube channel so you don’t miss the next tutorials! Code example with Arduino … Read more

Install an Arduino library from GitHub

In this tutorial you will learn how to install an Arduino library from GitHub. And first of all, why would you want to do that? If you open the Arduino library manager (on the Arduino IDE: Tools > Manage Libraries), you can already find a lot of libraries to install and use, without any extra … Read more

Arduino – Control RGB LED with Potentiometer

In this Arduino tutorial you will learn how to control an RGB LED with a potentiometer. First using only digitalWrite(), to get an idea of what we’re doing, and then with a more complex computation and analogWrite(), so we can get any color we want. If you’re not familiar with how to use a potentiometer … Read more

Arduino Push Button with Multiple LEDs [Tutorial]

In this Arduino tutorial you will learn how to work with a push button and multiple LEDs. We will first build the circuit, and then write some code for different applications, each time adding a bit more complexity. In this tutorial, in order to not bloat the instructions too much, I will not explain every … Read more

Arduino Potentiometer with Multiple LEDs [Tutorial]

In this Arduino tutorial you will learn how to control multiple LEDs with a potentiometer. I will not explain everything from scratch, so it’s better if you already know a bit about LEDs and potentiometer before reading the following. If you have some doubts, check out how to control one LED with a potentiometer. We … Read more

Arduino – Control LED Brightness With a Potentiometer

In this Arduino tutorial I will show you how to control an LED with a potentiometer, and more specifically, how to control the LED brightness. You will learn how to dynamically make the LED fade in/fade out when you turn the potentiometer knob. If you’re not familiar yet with the LED or the potentiometer, check … Read more

Arduino Potentiometer – Complete Tutorial

In this Arduino tutorial you will learn how to work with a potentiometer. We’ll start from scratch, building the circuit. Then you will write the Arduino code to interact with the potentiometer, so you can read some data. And finally you will learn how to make sense of the data you got from the potentiometer, … Read more

Arduino LED – Complete Tutorial

In this complete tutorial you will learn how to use an LED with Arduino. First, you will setup your circuit with an Arduino board and an LED, and then discover different ways to control the LED. I will use Arduino Uno for the examples but the instructions here apply to any Arduino board. If you … Read more

Arduino Push Button – Complete Tutorial

In this complete tutorial you will learn how to use a push button with Arduino, with different circuit configurations. You will also see how to use the push button for various applications, and take advantage of some of the Arduino capabilities, for example interrupts. I’m going to use an Arduino Uno board, but this tutorial … Read more

Arduino pulseIn() With Interrupts

In this tutorial I will show you how to make the Arduino pulseIn() function non blocking, using interrupts. Actually what we’ll try to do is to reproduce the behavior of pulseIn() without using it. I will not explain what is pulseIn() and how it works here, for that please check this pulseIn() tutorial first. The … Read more

Arduino pulseIn() function

The Arduino pulseIn() function may be quite hard to grasp at first. However, this function can be very useful to be able to read data from certain sensors. In this tutorial I will explain what is a pulse, how the pulseIn() function works, and how to use it in your own programs. >> Watch this … Read more

Arduino Variable Types [Complete Guide]

What are the different Arduino variable types? Whether you are a complete Arduino beginner or you already know how to program, this guide will help you discover and all the most useful Arduino variable types. First of all, Arduino is a subset of C/C++, with additional functionalities related to the hardware features of the board. … Read more

Arduino – Turn LED ON and OFF With Button

In this Arduino tutorial I will show you how to turn an LED on and off with a push button. In fact, we’ll do 2 slightly different applications. First, we will power on the LED when the button is pressed, and power off the LED when the button is not pressed. And then we’ll modify … Read more

Arduino INPUT_PULLUP Explained (pinMode)

What is the Arduino INPUT_PULLUP option for the pinMode function? In this tutorial I will show you different examples, using an Arduino board and a simple push button, to explain what INPUT_PULLUP does, and how to use it in your Arduino programs. And… Let’s get started! Quick recap about pinMode With Arduino you can use … Read more

Arduino Delay [Tutorial]

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to properly use the delay() function to add some delay between 2 actions in your Arduino programs. Then, you will discover why using delay() is often not a good idea when you want to make your programs scale, and how to fix that. All right, let’s get started! Why … Read more

Arduino Store Array Into EEPROM

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to store an array into the Arduino EEPROM. First we’ll look at arrays composed of int numbers (2 bytes each), and then we’ll do the same with long numbers (4 bytes each). I strongly advise you to check how to store an int number into EEPROM before reading … Read more

Arduino Fast digitalWrite

So, you’re using the digitalWrite() function in most of your Arduino projects. But you may come to a point when this function is too slow, because you have to use it a lot, and with a high frequency. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a fast digitalWrite(), so you can speed up … Read more

Control Arduino from Ubuntu VirtualBox

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to program your Arduino board from an Ubuntu virtual machine, using VirtualBox. For some reasons, you could want to work with Arduino from your Ubuntu guest instead of your Windows 10 host. In this case, you’ll have a few things to configure before it can work. Nothing really … Read more

Arduino Store int into EEPROM

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to store an Arduino int data type into your EEPROM memory. If you don’t know how to store and read a byte into EEPROM on Arduino, please check out this Arduino EEPROM tutorial first. This tutorial applies to all Arduino boards that have EEPROM Memory, like … Read more

Arduino Standard Firmata Tutorial

This tutorial is an introduction to Arduino Firmata, with a focus on Standard Firmata. First I’ll explain to you when and why to use Firmata for Arduino. After that, you’ll see how to quickly setup Standard Firmata on your Arduino. And then you’ll create a client on your computer to actually communicate and give commands … Read more

Arduino – Compute Duration of an Action

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to compute the duration of a part of code in Arduino. The notion of time/duration is super important when you program, especially on embedded systems like Arduino. Writing a code that takes too much time, and not being able to know it, can lead to severe problems in … Read more

Create Your Own Arduino Library

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create your own Arduino library. You’ll see, this might be much simpler than you thought! Very simply put, an Arduino library is a bunch of Cpp files that you have to organize in a certain way. Then you import it, use it, and that’s it. Creating an … Read more

Arduino Write a String in EEPROM

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to write an Arduino String to the EEPROM memory, and then read it again. The EEPROM memory lets you save values on your Arduino board so you can retrieve them even after you reboot the board. This is very handy when you want to save some settings/data to … Read more

Arduino and the STL library (C++)

So, you are using Arduino and you wonder if you can use the Cpp STL library in your code. The good news is: yes that’s possible! Even if some feature will still be lacking, or some others will be limited, you will be able to use things like std::vector and std::string in your Arduino programs. … Read more

Arduino Protothreads [Tutorial]

Arduino protothreads, when to use them, how to use them, and why? In this tutorial I’ll show you, step by step, how to use protothreads in your Arduino programs. First I’ll give you a template that you can use for any protothread you create. Then you’ll see more complex examples and how to use multiple … Read more

Arduino Interrupts Tutorial

What are Arduino Interrupts? How to use them? What should you know about them? In this Arduino Interrupts tutorial I’ll show you an example of when you can use interrupts and how to handle them. I’ll also give you a list of important points you should pay attention to, because, as you’ll see, interrupts are … Read more

Arduino Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

This tutorial is an introduction to Arduino Object Oriented Programming. If you’re already programming using C++ and OOP, and want to start writing Arduino OOP code, you’re in the right place. I’ll show you through some examples how to re-write some of the most common Arduino tutorials using the OOP way. At the end of … Read more

Arduino millis() vs micros()

When using the Arduino library, you have two simple ways of getting the current time since the Arduino board started: millis() and micros(). Those are very useful functions that you need in almost all your programs. For example, they will allow you to write multitasks programs very easily, and thus avoid using the delay() function. … Read more

The Arduino Language in 10 Points

Programming on Arduino is definitely not the same thing as programming on a standard computer. So, what exactly is the Arduino language? It seems like you’re programming in C/C++, but soon you realize that it’s not exactly C/C++. You don’t really know what you can do, and what you can’t do. In this post I’ll … Read more

Arduino Uno Pins – A Complete Practical Guide

The Arduino Uno board has over 20 pins that you can use for many different applications. In this post I’ll give you a complete and practical overview of the main Arduino Uno pins. If you’re starting with Arduino, or if you’re already a software developer and want to learn more about the bridge between software … Read more

How To Save Values On Arduino With EEPROM

Inside your computer, you have one or several hard drive to store all your data. But what about an Arduino board ? How can you save values directly on the Arduino board without an external storage device ? Here comes the EEPROM memory. What is the EEPROM memory ? The EEPROM memory allows you to … Read more

How To Do Multitasking With Arduino

Let’s say you have an Arduino project where you want to execute several actions at the same time: read data from a user input, blink some LEDs, monitor a potentiometer, etc. So, basically you want to do some multitasking with Arduino. And that’s where things get a little bit complicated, especially if you’re already used … Read more

Is Arduino Used in Real Life Products?

You may have already used an Arduino board, or you are thinking about whether you should use one or not. And you have this question in mind: is Arduino used in real-life products and applications? For example, is there any chance that the remote control of your TV has an embedded Arduino board, or your … Read more