Raspberry Pi’s GPIOs Default State

So, you’ve been playing with your Raspberry Pi and the GPIO panel, and you’ve noticed that when you read the GPIOs, some of them give you the value HIGH (or 1) by default, some of them give you the value LOW (0). Why is that? In this tutorial I will show you what is the … Read more

How to Learn Python 3 with Raspberry Pi from Scratch

Learning Python 3 with Raspberry Pi is a great idea. You will be able to write programs producing real physical results, while also learning more about computer science in general, system administration, hardware, etc. Programming is not only about smashing code into a text editor. To be able to write great programs you also need … Read more

11 Raspberry Pi 4 Project Ideas

So, you’re starting to learn how to use your Raspberry Pi 4 board, and you may be wondering: what can you do with your Pi? What fun project can you start, and what can this project teach you so you’re progressing while building something? In this post I’ll give you some things to do with … Read more